Mar 18, 3:00 - 6:00 PM |

Oracle Pleasanton Conference Room 1&2


In the event

Emerging technologies are disrupting old paradigms and unleashing new opportunities. Oracle has embedded innovative technologies in every aspect of our industry leading database and cloud, enabling companies to reimagine their businesses, processes, and experiences. 


You will meet experts from:

Oracle Advanced Analytics

Oracle Advanced Compression

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Big Data SQL

Oracle Database In-Memory

Oracle Data Guard

Oracle Document DB

Oracle Exadata

Oracle Multitenant

Oracle NoSQL
Oracle Partitioning

Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle Security

Oracle Sharding

Oracle Timesten In-Memory DB



2:30 - 3:00

​Arrival and Registration

3:00 - 3:15

Welcome and Introductions by Andy Mendelsohn

(EVP of Oracle Database)

3:15 - 4:00

Overview of Database Areas by Area Leaders

4:00 - 4:15

Q & A

4:15 - 6:00

Informal Conversations with Appetizers and Beverages (including Beer and Wine)​


Selected List of Papers


  • Accelerating Joins and Aggregations on the Oracle In-Memory Database, ICDE

  • Analysis of TPCx-IoT: The First Industry Standard Benchmark for IoT Gateway Systems, ICDE



  • Improving Predictable Shared-Disk Clusters Performance for Database Clouds, ICDE

  • Provenance-Aware Query Optimization, ICDE

  • FAD.js: Fast JSON Data Access Using JIT-based Speculative Optimizations, VLDB

  • Adaptive Statistics in Oracle 12c, VLDB

  • Dimensions Based Data Clustering and Zone Maps, VLDB



  • Fault-tolerant Real-Time Analytics with Distributed Oracle Database In-memory, ICDE

  • Closing the functional and Performance Gap between SQL and NoSQL, SIGMOD

  • Accelerating Analytics with Dynamic In-Memory Expressions, VLDB

  • Hardware Software Co-Design for Data Management, VLDB (Invited)

  • MQJoin: Efficient Shared Execution of Main-Memory Joins, VLDB

  • Using Domain-Specific Languages for Analytic Graph Databases, VLDB



  • Oracle Database In-Memory: A dual format in-memory database, ICDE

  • Distributed Architecture of Oracle Database In-memory, VLDB

  • Query Optimization in Oracle 12c Database In-Memory, VLDB

  • How Does Oracle Database In-Memory Scale Out?, ICSOFT-EA



  • JSON data management: supporting schema-less development in RDBMS, SIGMOD

  • Storage Management in the NVRAM Era, VLDB

  • Of Snowstorms and Bushy Trees, VLDB

  • Adaptive and Big Data Scale Parallel Execution in Oracle, VLDB

Oracle Pleasanton

Conference Room 1 & 2

5805 Owens Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588

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